The inner workings at Envious

I am sitting here in my trackies and messed up hair, James is beside me tapping away at his computer cranking One Direction - SERIOUSLY, they aren't too bad. Side by side on our computers, sipping on coffee and fighting over what music to play next, this is our life, and we love it.

Envious Photography is a huge part of our lives, starting about 10 years ago as an idea. James studied Photography for 3 years and I stayed at home and spit out babies, 3 of them, beautiful, fiesty, and amazing girls, of whom we are chuffed to bits about being parents to. Starting the business from scratch it has grown and grown, and James's passion is still strong for creating images that 'wow'. And he does. He is amazing. His knowledge and creativity blows me away sometimes!

Now I am getting a bit more involved am really enjoying letting 'my creative crazy' out and channeling it into photography. Our poor kids, whenever they see me with the camera, they groan, I think they a bit over being my practice models! We love creating images that make you stop, look and think. Hope you have enjoyed the introduction of our lives and keep an eye out for future blogs, where we will show some of the work that we do.

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