Fusion Fitness - Get Real

When Tanz and Bailey from Fusion Fitness, Invercargill's latest gym came to us with the concept for this shoot we were like heck yeah we're in!  They were frustrated with seeing all these unrealistic photos of buff athletes and size 0 models with no relevance to real people.  Often photos were extremely photoshopped and enhanced to leave us with images of impossible and unrealistic bodies.  Not us they said.  We want to show 9 of our awesome clients as amazing athletes with no photo manipulation.  So here we are, 9 images of 9 normal people from Southland showcased as the awesome athletes they actually are.  No manipulation other than to change to B&W and brightness and contrast, that's it.  

Tanz and Bailley are so passionate and awesome that their zest for life is contaigous and we have thouroughly enjoyed working with these beautiful ladies. Go and check out the awesomeness that they have created at Fusion Fitness South

Get out there, get active, you never know what you can achieve until you try.  

Also head to youtube and check out this awesome behind the scenes video of the shoot and all the antics and fun that was had. 



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